Devouring the Darkness: Ginny & Georgia Season 2 review

When the show focuses on the mystery of Georgia Miller’s past and just how far she will go to protect those she cares for, it makes for interesting TV. Unfortunately, a lot of time is wasted on teenage angst that will have you thankful for the skip button. The show is stronger when it focuses on the mystery and suspenseful aspects of the series. Brianne Howey delivers another great performance, amplified by Aaron Ashmore’s entrance into the series.
Trigger Warning: contains themes of self harm and domestic abuse.
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Netflix destroys Blockbuster (again)

Blockbuster lacks comedy, likeable characters, and anything interesting. Every character is miserable. Somebody should inform the writers it is a comedy; every episode takes effort to remind how bad the characters’ lives are without any semblance of humour to give one laugh or semblance of a smile. For the MVC, as harsh as it sounds, goes to the end credits for providing the one bit of happiness: that the series ended. … Read More Netflix destroys Blockbuster (again)