Hello Tomorrow! Desperation is a salesman’s greatest asset 

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Set in a retro-future world, “Hello Tomorrow!” centres around a group of travelling salesmen hawking lunar timeshares. Billy Crudup stars as Jack, a salesman of great talent and ambition, whose unshakeable faith in a brighter tomorrow inspires his co-workers, revitalises his desperate customers, but threatens to leave him dangerously lost in the very dream that sustains him. Following Jack in his lunar schemes is Shirley Stedman (Haneefah Wood), Herb Porter (Deshane Williams) and Eddie (Hank Azaria) but things start to unravel when Jack brings in the new, inexperienced salesperson Joey Shorter (Nicholas Podany).

The first three episodes focus on Jack’s desire to sell people their dreams. Not everyone dreams of living on the moon. They dream of other things such as a reunited family, time away from a hectic life and Jack is just the man to encourage them. Not everything is as it seems. Jack may offer people the encouragement to seek out what they desire, but he has his own motives for doing so. Joey is the perfect salesman for Jack. He’s new to the game but Jack is adamant to mould Joey into the perfect salesman, unleashing his desire to leave his small town and make it big in the world of sales.

Within the world of Hello Tomorrow, Jack comes across a variety of characters that he is pitching their dreams to. What is good about this series is that it brings in a cast of characters that viewers can relate to. From the person feeling undervalued in their workplace, or the person terrified of being stuck in their hometown. Hello Tomorrow brings all of these characters, setting up for a lot of drama when their secrets are revealed. The pacing and the staggered introduction to the different characters and their secrets will have viewers engaged, wanting to know what lies beneath each of their surfaces.

Billy Crudup brings the natural ease and charm that is needed for a character like Jack. His desire to give people their dreams is infectious, and when paired with Joey’s optimism, the two have all the right ingredients to give people the keys to their dream. Despite his deception, Jack’s apparent hope of fulfilling people’s dreams almost gives off some similarities to Apple TV’s Ted Lasso. With Crudup’s natural charm, viewers will be rooting for Jack to actually be all that he says he is, instead of the lie he has made to make his fortune. Crudup will have you believing you could easily achieve your desires, if you simply have the courage to reach out and take it. It’s a character that I doubt has been seen much in other media forms, but as the series progresses, more of Jack’s layers are revealed and his true depths are shown.

Jack is the MVC as he has recruited characters with different personalities in order to reach his own dreams of fortune. While he is the optimist, there is also a darker side to him that adds an interesting layer to him. With Crudup’s performance, viewers will enjoy watching this charming character and his exploits. 

Overall, the run time of just over 30 minutes is perfect for Hello Tomorrow’s episodes as it doesn’t let the plot get lost in the side plots of the other characters. Based on the first three episodes, Hello Tomorrow is a promising show with an interesting concept. With its modernised retro furniture and charming performances, it’s a unique story with characters that have a feel of other great shows like Pushing Daisies.  

The first three episodes were screened for review. 

Hello Tomorrow is available to stream on Apple TV.


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