Wolf Pack episode 4 review: Howling Disappointment

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.
Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro in WOLF PACK streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+ © 2022 MTVE All Rights Reserved.

Wolf Pack’s fourth episode will see Garrett Briggs (Rodrigo Santoro) join Kirstin Ramsey’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) task force, hoping to stay ahead of the investigation to protect his children’s secret. While Garrett is determined to protect his children, Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) are left reeling at the revelation that their father had kept silver bullets as a last resort. Everett Lang (Armani Jackson) and Blake Navarro (Bella Shepard) are coming to terms with the fact they are now joined in a pack with the Briggs children, which intensifies when a member of the pack is stressed or in danger. At the end of the episode, Blake tries to protect her little brother Danny (Nevada Jose) from a monstrous encounter. 

This episode focuses on fear and pain, but the only character with depth and worth exploring is Luna at the exploration of her fear and pain of her past. Unearthing a traumatic memory after finding her father’s silver bullets, it offered an interesting dynamic and angle, but sadly is where any coherent plot ends. A regretful choice since Luna is, by far, the most interesting and empathetic character on the show with more to her personality than not having a phone. Luna is the most dynamic character with more depth from how she feels alone and isolated without a pack and now, having one, dealing with all pack members adamant about not being part of it.

The strength of the series is when focus is on the Briggs family and the dynamics that come into play with some supposed betrayals of the silver bullets and the exploration of why they were made and how it impacts the family. When Garrett or Luna is on screen, there is consistency and clarity to an otherwise lost series that struggles with its identity.

There was some hope that this episode would finally feature more of Kirstin Ramsey, but unfortunately Sarah Michelle Gellar barely has any scenes. We are treated to more of the same with Ramsey’s character, which is just quickly looking around a crime scene to interviewing another teenager. Given that the trailer had a heavy focus on Ramsey and her investigating the fire and the paranormal, she is barely given any screen time and not much to do in that limited time. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsy in WOLF PACK streaming on Paramount+. Photo: Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+ © 2022 MTVE All Rights Reserved.

Blake’s character shows no improvement, which is a shame given that we are now on episode four and her personality consists of her being angry at the world for no clear reason, but also that she doesn’t like having a phone or being a werewolf. Viewers are subjected to her shouting about how she hates this new change in her life again, but what will almost make you laugh is Blake’s attempt at a howl. Perhaps it was the direction that was given, over the top writing, acting that is in need of quick improvements, or a combination of all three, but it takes away from what would have been an almost average episode.

Overall, episode four of Wolf Pack delves a little bit more of the packs’ bond, but is quickly overshadowed by the many things the episode tries and fails to do. There are random things added such as dance club scenes with shirtless cast members that have no point to the episode other than to get the cast shirtless.

The main theme of fear and pain loses itself throughout the episode. The episode clearly wanted to give viewers an insight into Luna’s past and her desire to be part of something other than herself, but instead tries to be a thriller, mystery and teenage drama without any clear direction. Had it not been for the incoherent plot lines, the episode would have been rated higher. More focus on Luna’s backstory would have maybe been rated 2.5 / 5. Garrett Briggs is the saving grace of this series, and it’s hopeful that he is progressively getting more involved in the main arc of the storyline.

Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs in WOLF PACK streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+ © 2022 MTVE All Rights Reserved.

Luna Briggs is the MVC of this episode. Episode four certainly focuses on her and her desire for a pack. Her relationship with her brother and father is a little rocky, but nothing out of the ordinary and she is the most empathetic character in the whole show.


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