The Boys to End with Season 5

Erik Kripke officially announced on his Twitter that his hit series, The Boys, would return for its fifth season. What Kripke left out is that season 5 would be The Boys  fifth and final season. Confirmed by sources close to the production, VoughtHQ can announce that season 5 will be the last. Similarly, last year, VoughtHQ also announced that The Boys had been renewed for its fourth season before an official announcement. 

Currently, The Boys is filming the penultimate season in Toronto and is about to film the last episode of season 4. 

Season 4 of The Boys will pick up a few months after season 3, with Annie January aka Starlight (Erin Moriarty) working with the titular group as she adapts to making a difference without her superhero alter-ego. Hughie (Jack Quaid) will have some family drama as his mother reappears in his life, but could this influence his relationship with Annie to progress? It seems right that Marvin Milk, aka MM or Mother’s Milk, would take the role of leader for the boys while Frenchie and Kimiko explore other relationships.

As for the superheroes, expect a lot more ‘satire’ that focuses on framing antifa as the bad guy, more Trump (what year are we in?) and Fox News in the form of Firecracker (Valorie Curry). From the little information an unnamed source has confirmed, the strength of this season will be The Boys and not the superheroes. 

Apparently, some familiar faces could be returning… What are you most excited to see in The Boys penultimate season?


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