Wolf Pack episode 3 review: A family affair

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Episode three of Wolf Pack starts with Everett (Armani Jackson), Blake (Bella Shepard), Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) all being taken into question by Kristin Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her team. All four werewolves are questioned about their involvement in the catastrophic fire. As the teenagers navigate the questioning, Everett and Blake must come to terms with this life-changing event, while Luna and Harlan must learn to navigate the dangers of having a pack. As the werewolves are taken in by Garrett Briggs (Rodrigo Santoro), the four of them make a startling discovery when they defend Everett from their first terrifying sighting of the creature.

Once again, Wolf Pack has the potential to be a good show, but is let down by an inexperienced writing team and a director with the same limited credits. Just like the first two episodes, the third episode is confused at what it wants to be. In one moment, it’s attempting to be a horror, and then the next it is having an awkward attempt at steamy daydreams between Everett and Blake. These scenes are misplaced and during both times, they are randomly inserted when the characters are fearing for their lives of being hunted by both the police and the monstrous creature.

WOLF PACK: EP#103 – “Origin Point” – Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro in WOLF PACK streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+ © 2022 MTVE All Rights Reserved.

Kristin Ramsey’s direction is quite confusing as well. During the interview process, she is shown as warm and caring, taking an interest in the four teenagers. As she questions Everett, both bond over going to therapy, but in the next breath, Ramsey is back to her suspicious self. This is no fault of Sarah Michelle Gellar, but rather the puzzling direction combined with writing that isn’t quite sure what it wants the show or characters to be.

The family dynamic with the Brigg’s family is one of the more interesting aspects of the show, and when it focuses on this aspect, instead of forcing steamy scenes or teenage dramas, it works well. As they are attacked, Garrett, Luna and Harlan must do what they can to protect their home from their enemies, but now they have the responsibility of two new pack members in Blake and Everett.

Harlan and Luna both have their own abilities, Luna with her heightened sense of smell and Harlan with his heightened hearing. Harlan’s and Luna’s abilities are displayed quite well in this episode; more so Harlan’s, as they explain the different abilities all four wolves bring to their pack. It adds something different to the werewolf genre that I would hope is explored more in future episodes, and allows each character to thrive in their own ability instead of being thrown together.

WOLF PACK: EP#103 – “Origin Point” – Chloe Robertson as Luna and Tyler Gray as Harlan Briggs in WOLF PACK streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Matt Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTVE All Rights Reserved.

In some ways, this episode adds a bit more depth to its characters; more so in the Brigg’s family. Where Luna wanted a pack, Harlan takes more of a focus in embracing his role as a protector. It’s a shame that it has taken the writers three episodes to add a little more depth as Tyler Lawrence Gray delivers a better and much improved performance of Harlan than in the previous two episodes.

Overall, episode three of Wolf Pack has some improvements, with the Brigg’s family getting more screen time and some characters actually having a personality instead of being a cliché of a stereotype. It’s hopeful that this was a stronger episode, and hopefully the improvements can be maintained, but the writers confusion at what they wanted this show to be is glaringly obvious.

WOLF PACK: EP#103 – “Origin Point” — Tyler Gray as Harlan Briggs in WOLF PACK streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+ © 2022 MTVE All Rights Reserved.

Harlan takes the title of MVC. This episode adds a bit more depth to him. Instead of being the promiscuous token gay character, Harlan steps into his own of being the protector of the pack, albeit a little unwillingly at first. 


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