Derek Wilson cast as Tek Knight

Big news for Fans of The Boys!

Tek Knight arrives in season 4 of the hit superhero series and, in shocking news, will not be Jeffrey Dean Morgan but Derek Wilson.

Last year, Jeffrey Dean Morgan announced he was joining The Boys and many speculated he would be cast as the infamous Tek Knight. Tek Knight is a supporting antagonist in the highly controversial adult comic-book and will make his on-screen debut during season 4.

While this may leave fans shocked, Derek Wilson is no stranger to the world of Garth Ennis, having a series regular role in the hit series Preacher, based on the comic of the same name. His Preacher character actively engaged in BDSM with his wife, up until he was embarrassed by another character. In The Boys comic, Tek Knight had a tumour which caused an overpowering desire to have sex with anything. Could there be some combination of the Preacher character and Tek Knight from the comic? It would be interesting…

As for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, there is no official name for his character but it has been indicated that he will have close links to Billy Butcher.

What do you think of this casting?

One thought on “Derek Wilson cast as Tek Knight

  1. We shall see! Hope it’s good casting. I’m waiting for Soldier Boy to return. Why he’s not a regular or gets a spin off I don’t know. He was a absolutely awesome character!


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