Who is Rob Benedict in The Boys?

Now that Rob Benedict has been officially announced as a new cast member for The Boys, season four, many fans are left wondering just how the Supernatural alum could fit into this universe. While all the excitement seems to be focused on Jeffery Dean Morgan’s secret character, here at VoughtHQ, we thought we would speculate on how Rob Benedict could fit into Vought’s world.

The first thing we discussed was the X-Men influences on Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy was supposed to be a parody of Captain America, but some comic book fans had noticed some similarities to some members of the X-Men comics, more specifically Havok and Leech. Havok’s ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy into his cells and process it into a potential destructive force is remarkably like Soldier Boy’s powers. Leech is another mutant whose abilities were lent to Soldier Boy. Leech had a power negation field, nullifying the superpowers of others, something Kimiko and Queen Maeve understood all too well.

To go down another route of a speedster superhero would bore audiences and here at VoughtHQ, we know that Amazon and Eric Kripke are always trying to push their boundaries when it comes to The Boys, and this should extend to superheroes with something other than superstrength or even not showcasing new superheroes’ powers (looking at you Supersonic). 

With the introduction of Rob Benedict to the series, it would be interesting to see him as another superhero, but hopefully not another washed-up one like Crimson Countess. There are a few options that we looked at. Some fit Rob Benedict and some not so much… 

Bishop bore too many similarities with Soldier Boy and his powers with the ability to absorb and project energy, and Benedict would not fit the visual of that character. Dazzler would be a fun take and The Boys is not shy about gender-swapping characters, but something tells us that would not be suitable for the actor. Forge has a superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices, backed up by the ability to visually perceive mechanical energy in action. This would be a good contender but would not portray visually strong on screen. After much deliberation, we thought the mutant would be the best fit for Rob Benedict. The show and its visuals is none other than James Madrox aka Multiple Man. 

Multiple Man has had minimal presence in the live action movies of X-Men which would help make him a perfect fit for The Boys, with familiar powers to everyone but unknown enough to be original. Multiple Man can create identical physical duplicates of himself, and they can also duplicate themselves and can think, feel, and act independently, which would be interesting to see more in a superhero show.

If The Boys do in fact give Multiple Man’s powers to anyone in the new series, they have the benefit that body doubles and simple VFX would be needed as other shows such as Orphan Black had perfected, but it will also be a superpower that was only briefly shown in the X-Men movie franchise. 

Multiple Man wouldn’t be an ideal name due to copyright, but as he could make multiple versions of himself, Splinter would be a good name to consider. The character could splinter himself, possibly giving his copies a chance to manifest one aspect of his personality. It could lend more suspense to the plot and hopefully won’t fall into the trap that other guest stars have fallen into on The Boys, such as being forgotten or killed off within their first season.

VoughtHQ followers chose the name

Now for the name…

Multiple Man would not be ideal due to copyright, but if the show chooses that character for inspiration, we thought we would brainstorm some ideas. Taking inspiration from The Boys, we came up with a few ideas. For Scarlet Witch, the Amazon version is Crimson Countess, Captain America is Soldier Boy, Blindspot is Daredevil and Nubian Prince is Black Panther. You can see the link, so we thought some good names could be Mister Multiple, Splinter, Replica or Multiplicity. Thanks to our followers on Instagram for voting, the majority picked Splinter. It is unique enough to stand out on its own and there is a subtle hint of different versions “splintering off” from the superhero.

Rob Benedict as Splinter, image created by VoughtHQ. Not official.

None of this is official, just speculation and theorising.


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