Get the V: an immersive experience

Vought London

To celebrate Amazon’s new season of The Boys, an immersive event for fans took place in London. You enter in a small group into the foyer of Vought London and are told there has been an incident that requires a large cleaning crew to get rid of the evidence. Unknown to the Vought employee that leads you through the first part of the experience, you have been sent by Billy Butcher to smuggle out V 24, a serum that gives you superhero powers for 24 hours, something that has been introduced in season 3. You meet an array of characters and situations that will entertain you and make you explore the multi floor experience with each floor offering different situations and characters. 

From the foyer to the very last stage, the building feels part of The Boys universe from the get go. The first floor you are greeted with a ruined office space that is covered in blood, bodies, and destruction. What makes this feel part of The Boys world is all the in-show content that makes up the décor of the office space. From office desks full of character posters that have been seen in the show, energy drinks and used coffee cups with Vought and familiar superhero branding that looks realistic that adds to an alluring experience. 

The cast fit into this expertly and never break character even if they are not in the room. Credit to Katy Daghorn who does an excellent job as Ashley Herman, head of PR at Vought London who you can hear shouting in another room as she steps away to talk to her higher ups about the situation. The next stage is the basement and by far the most fun of the experience. Annie McGrath is a Vought scientist who takes you through the basement when things go wrong and you see more details in the décor that fits well with the secrets of Vought. Seeing all the different superheroes they are creating in the basement is a fun and memorable time and by far the most interactive. 

 In the basement you meet two new superheroes to interact with and while I won’t say what their powers are, they are fun. Jake Waring, Eddie Elliott, Holly Prentice, and another actor are fantastic in how they include the visitors with their characters and add to the experience. There is one moment that was particularly epic that involves two guards, a superhero from the event and a fun cameo that is special. 

The fight scenes are choreographed in a way that entertains and adds to the immersion that I think everyone will find fun and talk about long after the event. On that note, the two Vought security guards play their roles convincingly and take part in the previously mentioned moment that actors Ruggero Barlaba and Dimitris Kafataris make enjoyable. 

The only thing that I would have liked is an extra minute or two in the different areas as a few brief moments were rushed.  With a new group every 15 minutes, I do understand the rush. A gift shop to get a memento from the experience would have been a nice end. Instead, you are escorted out the back. Temp V, also known as V24, does not taste great. I described it as stale water but that is being very fussy for an otherwise amazing event.


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